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85563Judy, Ronald A.DisForming the American Canon : African-Arabic Slave Narratives and the Vernacular
85564Rapping, ElayneMovie of the Week : Private Stories - Public Events
85565Jeannot Rossi, FernandoNueva economía
85566Loviglio, JasonRadio's Intimate Public : Network Broadcasting and Mass-Mediated Democracy
85567Cristina Massieu Trigo, YolandaImpactos de la biotecnología en la producción de hortalizas en México
85568Hillner, Kenneth P.Advances in Psychology, Volume 132 : A Psychological Approach to Ethical Reality
85569Cuervo Morales, Mauro JuliánRudiger Dornbusch
85570Greenberg, MitchellCanonical States, Canonical Stages : Oedipus, Othering, and Seventeenth-Century Drama
85571Kendall, Calvin B.Voyage to the Other World : The Legacy of Sutton Hoo
85572Dosse, FrançoisHistory of Structuralism, Volume 2 : The Sign Sets, 1967-Present
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